The Runescape clan for adults

KoA Clan F.A.Q

  1. Who are we?
  2. What are the clan requirements?
  3. What are KoA's Rules?
  4. What events do we do?
  5. Clan Colours
  6. History of KoA
  7. Homeworld
  8. Activity Requirements
  9. How do I Register?
  10. How do I apply to Join?
  11. Do we use Voip?
  12. Does KoA have a Clan Chat (CC) and what ranks are used?
  13. How does KoA use its avatars?
  14. CC Behaviour

Who are we?

KoA ( Kingdom of Asgarnia) is a clan specifically catering to the adults who play Runescape. Believe it or not, there are many of us. Most adults are fairly quiet in-game, but KoA gives you the opportunity to take part in a variety of events, that can only really be done in a clan situation. It also gives you a great chance to meet and socialise with other adults who play Runescape. Whether you want to get advice, take part in events, or just meet some fellow adult players, KoA is the place to be.

We don't have the usual drama and issues that go along with being in a clan. We have very low activity requirements, because we understand, as adults we all have busy schedules. Sometimes this will mean very little time for RS, or at other times, it may be the opposite. Despite our very relaxed activity requirements, we are very active and we believe, partly due to our entry requirements, that we are the most active adult clan on Runescape.

What are our requirements?

KoA requires that you are aged 18 years or older, and that you have either 100+ combat or 1500 skill total. You must also agree to our rules and ToS.

What are KoA's Rules?

Please act responsibly. Do not flame, attack, scam, take advantage of, or in any other way seek to harm the enjoyment of other KoA members and friends. Please try and respect other runescape players.

We are an adult community, therefore we do tolerate some swearing on forums, but not excessive or used in an offensive manner. You may turn the board censor off in your profile if you wish. Links to porn or any other such adult material will result in an instant ban.

Please keep inciteful debates (religion/politics etc..) to the "Debate" forum and not clan chat.

Read the terms and conditions for use of this site.

You must be 18+ to be in KoA.

You must be a member of our RS clan chat (CC): "kingdom of asgarnia".

DO NOT use your runescape password, as your KoA password.

NEVER place a staff person on your personal Ignore List.

Jagex Rules Apply.

What events do we do?

We do a vast mixture of events. The majority of our members would probably class themselves as skillers, so the majority of events are skills based. However, we also do regular monster killing events, usually at least several times a week. We do just for fun events also, that are exactly that, just for fun. This is a great way to meet other members.

We have taken part in larger cross clan events, like the Runescape olympics. In the Winter Olympics we were joint winners, with each member in our clan gaining an average exp of over 2.5m each. We also take part in player killing events. These prove quite popular, as well as clan wars and similar mini games. We also have a regular Duel Tournament to see who really is the best fighter in the clan. We rarely PK. However, it has been known, and no doubt will happen again in the future, but we are not a PKing or warring clan. We are a clan that likes to do almost every event you can imagine, and then some you cannot.

Clan Colours

We do not require that you wear any particular clan ensemble. At special clan events we favour blue and white the colours of Asgarnia.

History of KoA

KoA was founded in 2002 by Deep_Pain - Not long after a clan led by Erazermike was merged into KoA and Mike became co-leader. We were at the time, as most people on Runescape classic were, PK'ers, we didn't hold many events, mainly just hung round together, used the forums as a base of contact and trained / PK'ed together.

When Runescape 2 was released (now known as just Runescape). There was a large split in the clan, as there was in Runescape in general, many of the players were unhappy with the combat style of RS2, others with the lag or the terrible crab-like movement of early RS. Many vowed not to play RS2 and to continue playing Runescape Classic. We tried to cover both versions of the game, but with losing members not only to both versions of the game, we also lost a lot of people who just gave up on the game entirely.

We started advertising heavily and got influx after influx of idiots, arguing, flaming, etc. etc. We stopped recruiting and really at that point KoA became a community rather than a clan. The forums were just a means for old members to keep in touch. Around 2005 our new forums went offline due to server problems, and apart from the odd post, the old forums weren't re-used. KoA was basically only existent in the members that still played.

KoA Reborn:

In 2007, after being in several other clans, Deep_Pain felt that no other clan had ever lived up to the great community once offered by KoA. Deep_Pain had joined some of the biggest clans on Runescape. Some had even claimed to be "mature" in their requirements. But after several clans in about a period of a year, Deep_Pain realised that there were really only three options to choose from. It came down to being in a clan that was run like a military regime, or to watch a bunch of kids flame eachother over utter nonsense, then finally, to relaunch KoA. Deep_Pain decided on the latter. He contacted some of the founding members of KoA, who had been in it since 2002. Together, they decided to have another go. Rather than suffer the problems KoA had experienced in the past, and with what they all had sadly learned in other clans, with in-fights, drama, flaming etc., they decided to make the clan Adults only. The clan was officially reborn on December 6, 2007.

From the very start it was a hit. We are not the biggest clan. With our high requirements and age requirement, we will only ever be a niche clan. However, we are extremely active. We have events every week, usually several. There is almost always a good crowd in clan chat. We are, by far, the most active adult clan in Runescape. Above all else however, the drama, arguing, and in-fighting, just does not exist here. We do not need to be organised like a military regime.

KoA Homeworlds

KoA's homeworlds are 64 & 82. W64 is an LS world; W82 is not. However, clan members can play on any world.

Activity Requirements:

At KoA we understand that adults have real lives that often limit their time on RS. Due to this we have no activity requirements. We encourage you attend the different clan events each month and visit the forums to see all the updates and other useful information. We also request members to be active in the clan chat as well. It's all about being part of a community and learning new skills, different ways to meet your goals while making new friends.

How to Register

You may register by clicking the link at the top of all our pages on the blue menu "Register" or alternatively follow this link:

How do I join?

To join please follow this link:

You will need to post the application form as a new post.

Do we use Voip?

We use Discord as official clan voip.

You can download the software or use it in a browser.

Click this link to access discord

Does KoA have a Clan Chat (CC) and what ranks are used?

The RS clan chat is "kingdom of asgarnia". The CC is only accessible by clan members on weekdays. It is open to guests & the public at weekends.

  • Admin - Member
  • Coordinator - Staff
  • Overseer - Staff person assigned to manage the clan's citadel
  • Deputy Owner - Clan Admin

How does KoA use its avatars?

KoA has 3 avatars (2 skillers and 1 killer) available for use. To summon the avatar on your own, a staff person will need to assign you the Avatar Warden job first. See forums for more information.

CC Behaviour

We all have differing views on what we feel is an acceptable form of chat in the CC. As adults we ask that you be tolerant and mindful of others views on what that might be.

If you are conservative of nature, please remember that other people may wish to talk about things you wouldn't find that acceptable. However if you aren't so conservative we'd ask you to consider how your conversation might make others feel.

Staff are there to moderate the CC; however, what is too far and what isn't can be hard to judge, because there is no fixed line. It is different for everyone. We only ask staff to step in, if someone is clearly insulting someone else, is being racist, clearly trying to offend, intentionally trying to harm the enjoyment of others, or using language of an extreme nature. Also when a member has approached the offender with concerns; after that member has already spoken to the other party.

As adults we would ask, if someone is talking of something you find offensive, drugs, sexual innuendo etc... please send them a message in game and just mention that it is making you feel uncomfortable, again for both parties we would ask that you be considerate of the other person, try and find a suitable compromise between yourselves, don't be attacking, and be mindful that the person you are talking to is unlikely trying to be offensive, and just has a different view on what is acceptable.

Then if you feel someone has ignored your concern, please contact a member of staff.

If someone is being openly offensive, racist, or intentionally trying to harm the enjoyment of others in the CC please screenshot that conversation and contact a member of staff ASAP.